Mailbox distribution

4 June 2015 in Non classé @en

You have just opened a shop / activity and want to inform in your neighborhood to bring back customers. This is the indispensable means of communication for pizza delivery or large supermarkets. This tool can be used for any type of business and remains a financially affordable tool.

Your offer must be legible, simple and above all have a real attraction, type: 1 Product purchased = 1 offered (for an equivalent value). For information on the 15 district in Paris you’ll have 50,000 mailboxes. Only one distribution is not enough, generally the offer is distributed again the following days.

Quick tips:
– Organize your distribution before the weekend because our mailboxes are filled by Massmarket earlier this week, you will have more chance of being read.
– You can group on the same document and significantly reduce production costs.