Course: How to create the graphic identity of your project.

6 October 2015 in Non classé @en

How to make the tools of your corporate identity?
You have a project and would master / create your graphic identity or only have all the bases to brief or frame a creative? It’s possible, I set up a 3-day training module to allow you to address the full identity part. I provide ongoing support and we will address all phases of the identity of your project. A live work firsthand with IT tools or a simple paper / pencils / chisel (no need to know how to draw).

During these three days we will discuss:
• Research project name (availability / deposit)
• The promise (claim / slogan)
• Creation of logotype: construction of a board (photos, images) of the logo concept
– Points covered: typography, symbol, drop cap, pictogram, illustration, color, printing techniques …
– Logotype realization
• Creation of a board (photos, images) about the project concept
– Points discussed: location, atmosphere, colors, materials, key visual (visual representative of the spirit of the concept) …
– Transformation of the key visual in print ad
• The advertising media:
– Stationery, brochure, website, storefront, signage, sign, RP, gift, Press Release …
• The budget identity & communication

This module can be done by person as a group. If you are interested? Contact me.